Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Windows 8?

Yup.  Across the web today there have been a few leaked images of Microsoft's new Operating System.  Some rumors include that Microsoft's progressive download notifications in the taskbar for for downloads through your browser, will now be available for such things as hardware installation.  Also, reportedly users will be able to log into their computers with their Windows Live ID's as Microsoft moves more towards cloud computing.  On top of all this, some think, based on the availability of previous Windows OS's and a leaked strategic plan, that Windows 8 may be out as early as next year.  Think about that.

In other news, Mozilla is supposedly finalizing Firefox 4.0 as the RC (release candidate) has hit their servers.  If you really want to get it now though you can visit the link below.  It appears that Linux/Mac users are able to download 64-bit versions, while Windows users are stuck with 32-bit for now.  The finalized version should be out soon with many improvements in security and user friendliness just like they've always done.

All in all, a pretty exciting day in the tech world.

For more information on any of this, go here:

Windows 8  - A picture of the leaked Windows 8 desktop.

Firefox 4  - Mozilla's FTP server housing Firefox 4 RC.

Firefox 4 new features  - Detailed lists, pictures, and information on changes in Firefox 4.

EDIT: Google Chrome version 10 is now available for download as well. If you haven't done so yet go to options, "About Google Chrome" and let Chrome do it's thing. Then simply restart Chrome and you're good to go. For changes go here.


  1. Cool, your first follower! A lot of cool content already.

    Windows 8 already, still seems like 7 is pretty new. Really hoping it's as good or better than 7, and doesn't fall back to Vista status, Vista really screwed several things up for me.

  2. Windows 8 will probably suck since every other Microsoft OS has been crappy, and Windows 7 is awesome.

  3. Windows?
    Cloud computing?
    You have a follower in me, good sir.

  4. Yeah, it does feel like 7 just came out.

  5. and i'm still using vista... i'm so far behind

  6. remember:
    win98: crap
    win98SE: good
    winME: crap
    winXP: good
    winVista: crap
    win7: good
    win8: ??? (probably crap, i hope not, sincerely)

  7. i cannot see anything substantial with the windows 8 "leaked" screenshot. waiting for more! haha

  8. I couldn't be less excited about Windows 8.

    All I know is Vista was the worst OS I have ever used. At least Microsoft aren't a bunch of c**** like Apple. If I ever have an OS named after a cat then I want you to kill me.


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