Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I wasn't planning on posting today. I was gonna wait until tomorrow. I got my monitors set up on my desk lookin sexy as hell but I can't find that damn Displayport Adapter for the third monitor to work. ARRRGGHHH!!!! So right now I have 2 of them on and one lonely, blank, black screen :(.

Sorry to everyone who wanted to see them but I'm gonna hold off on posting pics until I get the third monitor up in all its three headed glory. If I can't find the adapter tonight I'll stop by Best Buy and/or Walmart and see if they have one for cheap and if not I'll have to get one off Newegg.

I know, I know it's so sad. So to keep your's and my spirits up heres a very epic meal time. It's a parody made by a 10 year old kid and I laughed so hard at this vid. EpicMealTime truly is an inspiration. Watch this and laugh:

It Happened!

200 Followers and over 2000 views. At least somebody likes my blog. Maybe i'll get noticed by someone famous on the internet. Maybe they'll show me to some awesome people with lots of money. Then they'll pay me millions of dollars to write stuff.

Yeah right.

Anyways, Hopefully i'll have my new monitors set up, hooked up, powered on, and looking sexy in the next couple of days. Just gotta clean up the desk a bit more and figure out how I want to orient them. Gonna be epic!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Interesting, and pretty exciting day

Class was cancelled today because of the holiday so today was a pretty fun day for me. We went to my grandmothers house last night for easter and had alot of fun watching movies and chatting. We left this morning and came home where I had a nice surprise waiting for me at the door. Fed-ex arrived earlier than I had anticipated and the 2 monitors I bought on Thursday are now here. This means I now have 3 monitors! So i'll be setting those up tomorrow after class.

After connecting and powering up the monitors to make sure they were in working order I left to go fishing with a friend of mine. We showed up at the lake around 1:15pm. We got out in the boat and began trolling around and before we knew it we had already caught several. About 6 or 7 fish between 6 and 10 inches in about 1.5 hours. Considering how cold the lake still is we were doing pretty good. THEN!!! I cast my line out towards the bank near the back of the lake, began reeling in the line and WHAM I got a major bite. After a decent fight I got her to the boat and we weighed and measured her. She ended up being about 7 lbs and was 25" long (largemouth bass btw). This is a citation here in Virginia and is the longest fish I've ever caught. I'll be sending off tomorrow to get a certificate for the citation fish.

Today was a weird day at the lake. We frequent this lake sometimes as much as 5 times a week and we've never caught anything nearly that large there. After catching this monster we didnt catch any other fish until after dark and even then we only caught 1. At one point we got out of the boat and bank fished to stretch our legs for a bit where I got my line caught on the bottom. After failing to retrieve the lure I decided to just wait until we got back in the boat to get it so I sat down and chilled for a bit. When I sat down, I looked down and spotted a 4 leaf clover. Odd Odd Odd indeed. Catch a monster, no more fish, hang the bottom, find a 4 leaf clover! Weird stuff.

Anyways, I am now home and getting pretty tired after a long day. Until next time, thanks for reading.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

First off, Happy Easter. Whatever your plans are and your religious beliefs may be, here's hoping you have an enjoyable time today filled with family, friends, and a little bit of rest.

Sorry again for not posting in awhile (seems the past few weeks have been terrible for blogging). Ive been playing ALOT of Portal 2 and I must say it will not disappoint. There may be a few spoilers in the following few sentences so read carefully. I'll try not to give away TOO much. In the beginning you'll be introduced to the games controls as usual while acquiring the portal gun. The game starts out a little bit slow, having more or less pretty easy puzzles to solve. But once you reach the point where Wheatley takes over it begins to get a little challenging. Around the end of the 6th chapter and afterwards you'll probably find yourself stuck on a number of puzzles for awhile before it clicks in your mind how you're supposed to do it. Whether it was from sleep deprivation or some other reason I actually had to look up on youtube how to solve one of the later puzzles. I was completely stumped. Once the video started and I saw the first part it clicked of course and I smacked myself for not seeing it. Chapter 9 concludes the story with and ending that will make you shit bricks. I swear it could be one of the best game endings I've ever witnessed.

The story is very involving and you get sucked into it pretty quickly. Portal 2 ended up being a fully immersing experience that I very much enjoyed and would recommend to anyone. Co-op is no pushover either has many of the 2 person puzzles are very involved proving difficult without good coordination.

The only thing I really had a problem with were the loading screens. THERE WERE SO MANY!!!! After every level there is a loading screen for the next level and depending on how fast you can solve the puzzles you may be seeing a loading screen every few minutes.

All in all the game took me about 8-9 hours to complete all of which I enjoyed to the fullest.

tl;dr? Get Portal 2 and you wont be disappointed.

I'm also considering switching from Ubuntu to ArchLinux. Haven't fully decided on it yet but I may have a fresh install on my laptop before the end of the week.

Again, Happy Easter, and thanks for reading.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Turret Defense Systems and Portal

South Korean military officials and weapon designers have come up with what they are calling the "Super aEgis II".  This weapon is a robotic turret capable of acquiring a human target during the day or night, through rain and high winds, up to 3 km away.  This machine is awesome to say the least.  It also requires little to no human interaction.  Though this could aid South Korea in their ongoing struggle against North Korea, I would personally love to see the U.S. come up with something similar and mount it to fences along the southern border of the states in order to reduce illegal immigration as well as drug trafficking through the border.  If you'd like to take a look at this pretty sweet piece of machinery go here.

Today is the last day to get Portal 2 for a discounted price from steam.  I recommend buying it from steam as it will cost you $45 today and $50 tomorrow vs. $60 for the Xbox 360.  Along with this you'll be looking at paying the $60 per year charge to play online with friends.  I went ahead and purchased my copy on Thursday of last week and then replayed Portal (which came with the purchase of Portal 2) in anticipation of the games release tonight/tomorrow.  I'll for sure be staying up at least for a little bit playing with friends.

Be on the lookout this week for another post from me where *hopefully* i'll be sharing a video which could be quite interesting.  Here's hoping I can finish it and share it with y'all.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A good buddy of mine...

A good buddy of mine has recently started blogging.  His most recent post has been written about the controversy over Mac's vs. PC's and has some eye-opening information for alot of people.  If you like my blog  I'd recommend you go check his out.  He is our blogging brother and should be supported for contributions to our community.

Check him out here.

A little peice of advice for this fine friday.  Take a few minutes of your time this weekend to do a little bit of spring cleaning.  For me personally, the only spring cleaning I have done has been to rearrange the desk, and to clean out my computer.  While cleaning the desk I disconnected my computer and took it out to the garage and proceeded to spray out the internal components with the air compressor.  Doing this not only made it look much nicer not having dust bunnies from the winter clogging everything, but also reduced my CPU temps by around 3 degrees.  Not bad for 3 minutes of spraying air through my case.  It's also a little bit quieter now as well.  My recommendation to you is to open up your case and blow a little.

If you want to clean up your hard drive I'd recommend picking up CCleaner for Windows.  Running the cleaner should free up some space, some of you may even gain close to a gig or more of space.  Running the registry sweeper will detect registry errors from things like uninstalled programs leaving peices behind and things like that and remove them to clean up the registry.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Firstly, I apologize for not writing a new post since THURSDAY (damn that's a long time) but i've been a little busy...again.   Not necessarily for school reasons this time though.  The main thing that's been tying up my time has been rearranging my desk.  Previously I had a hutch on the desk that was taking up quite a bit of room.  The hutch itself is 37"W 26"H and 10"D.  That being said, the desk is rather large but almost half of the left side of the desk was taken up by this monstrosity.  Having dealt with it long enough, I proceeded to place it under the desk where it could keep its abominable face still in the room giving my storage space, but not taking up valuable desk space.  The removal of the hutch has given me much more room to work as well as to my surprise made the room look much larger than it was previously.  I have also been working on my server, specifically the website, designing an interface for it rather than using the directory list.

Now that that's over.

EpicMealTime has uploaded their new video for the week and I must say it is the most epic thing since the TurbaconEpic.  They have made a lamb version of Cerberus, the guardian of the underworld.  You can watch their new video below:

Pretty epic if I do say so myself.

In the spirit of good food I'd also like to point out to you that today April the 12th is Free Scoop Day at Ben & Jerry's so if you have one around you should go pick up a free scoop of ice cream today.  Unluckily for me, the nearest shop is more than 50 miles away so I won't be able to get mine but hopefully you can.  You can find the closest shop to you here.

Google is also pushing out their efforts to reduce spam from your search results today.  They have been actively working to remove content farms from search results to improve the quality of your searches during the last few weeks and they are implementing these measures for all English users today.  You should start to see better search results fairly soon.

This one you may have heard about and you may not have.  Apparently Adobe is looking at rental services for its Creative Suites.  This includes Photoshop and others and the jist of it is, you'd pay a monthly fee in order to use the program, without payment you won't be able to use it.  The listed rate for Photoshop extended is $49 a month.  Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended is $999 from Adobe's website so 20 monthly payments would equal out to buying it.  Or for those pirates of you out there, you could just go download it for free.  For those virtuous people in the world, you could completely bypass the entire Adobe bundle and go for the open source image manipulator known as GIMP.  Why does Adobe think this is a good idea? Anyone that is going to use this software is not simply going to use it for only a month or two.  If you simply need a few things, you'll either outsource the project to a professional, who already has the software, or buy it in order to allow one of your departments to use it for an extended period of time.  In my honest opinion, I highly doubt Adobe will be making much money from this.  It just doesn't sound reasonable.

Anyways, thanks for reading as always.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tax refund

I should be receiving my federal tax return shortly and I have a few plans.  I would like to get a 2nd monitor to use on my desktop.  I currently own an Asus VE245H and I love it.  The size is nice for my available space, nice lighting, great picture.  I have not had a single problem with this monitor.  I even bought it manufacturer refurbished from Ebay for a steal at $140.  Another monitor like this would be great.  I also need more storage space for my server.  A 2TB drive is currently hovering around $80 from several retailers so i'll definitely be picking up one.  The last item on my list are headphones.  I currently use some crappy old headset I bought from Walmart years ago.  I'm not a huge audiophile but I still listen to music, play games, and watch movies.  This being said, I almost always have my headphones on while I am sitting at the computer.  The Walmart headset was definitely not made for comfort and after a while they start to cut into my ears.  This makes it very uncomfortable to sit and listen to something at all.  So after a little bit of research I think I may have settled on the Sony MDR-XB500's.  Almost all of the reviews for these state that they are very comfortable with good or better quality audio.  The kicker is i can get them for about $40 from Amazon, or Ebay.

I'll of course be checking online frequently until the check comes in the mail so that I know that i'll be getting the best deal when the time comes.  Can't wait.

I'm also thinking about buying DragonAge II.  I really enjoyed the first one and despite having a few lack luster reviews on the net I still think it should be a pretty good game.  I've also heard that if you buy it before April 30th you can get yourself a free copy of Mass Effect II.  Another game that I really enjoyed the first one.

On a less relavant note...Sitting in math class and I just now realize as my teacher looks around the room with a smirk on his face that he somewhat  resembles the clown (The Violator) from the HBO series of Spawn from the late 90's.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Natty Narwhal

So I updated my laptop from Ubuntu 10.10 to the beta release of 11.04 yesterday and i must feels distinctively clean.  The unity interface is quite nice and i am rather enjoying it so far.  There are obviously a few tweaks to make it just right and exactly how I like it but all in all i feel that the Unity interface is quite likable.

Inclusion of several applications over others i.e. LibreOffice over OpenOffice as default installation is quite nice as well.  There are quite a few differences in the replacement applications and all of them look like they are for the better.  Also, FireFox4 comes preinstalled where 10.10 has trouble updating from 3.6.  The official release however is not for a few more weeks though and unless you're willing to see a few messages stating that such and such application crashed, I'd hold out for it because there are a few of them every now and again.

Sorry for the short post but I'm working on several different things lately that are taking up alot of time.  Will try to post more in the coming days/weeks ahead.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long weekend

So I told you about a 10 page paper that needed to be written and turned in on Friday.  I also said that updates would be few or non-existent until I was finished.  Well, i'm finished and back.

Wednesday I stopped all blogging in order to do a little research on the topic at hand.  Thursday I woke up  at 9:30 to go to class, came home after, and began writing the actual paper at around 3p.m.  I finished the paper and submitted it online at 7:03a.m. Friday morning.  So if you do a little calculating you'll find that I was sitting in front of the computer for about 16 hours.  Sleep was not near yet however because as soon as submitted the assignment online it was time to get ready and go to class.  I went to class and turned in the paper copy, went and got breakfast and then took about a 20 minute nap before having to take a test online.  Left and came home and got about 2 hours of sleep before heading out again.  We went and saw SuckerPunch (pretty good movie imo) and then hacked apart an old non-working laptop to see if we could repurpose any of its materials.  I finally got to sleep around 3:30a.m. on Saturday.

I woke at 4:30p.m. from a deep slumber and was notified that we would be going to dinner with my girlfriend's parents at a restaurant about an hour away that we had never been to.  So, we got in the car and drove there.  When we got there the wait was an hour and a half or longer and for some reason we decided to sit and wait.   After sitting for 2 hours and talking to others in the "waiting to be seated" area who had been there for much longer we finally decided to leave and go somewhere else.  We drove back towards home and arrived at Texas Roadhouse where we were nearly immediately seated and ordered our food within 10 minutes.  This was a welcome solution to our hunger.  Needless to say, we will not be going to "Perky's" again in attempts to eat dinner.

That's pretty much how my weekend has gone.  Anything interesting happen to any of you lately?