Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

First off, Happy Easter. Whatever your plans are and your religious beliefs may be, here's hoping you have an enjoyable time today filled with family, friends, and a little bit of rest.

Sorry again for not posting in awhile (seems the past few weeks have been terrible for blogging). Ive been playing ALOT of Portal 2 and I must say it will not disappoint. There may be a few spoilers in the following few sentences so read carefully. I'll try not to give away TOO much. In the beginning you'll be introduced to the games controls as usual while acquiring the portal gun. The game starts out a little bit slow, having more or less pretty easy puzzles to solve. But once you reach the point where Wheatley takes over it begins to get a little challenging. Around the end of the 6th chapter and afterwards you'll probably find yourself stuck on a number of puzzles for awhile before it clicks in your mind how you're supposed to do it. Whether it was from sleep deprivation or some other reason I actually had to look up on youtube how to solve one of the later puzzles. I was completely stumped. Once the video started and I saw the first part it clicked of course and I smacked myself for not seeing it. Chapter 9 concludes the story with and ending that will make you shit bricks. I swear it could be one of the best game endings I've ever witnessed.

The story is very involving and you get sucked into it pretty quickly. Portal 2 ended up being a fully immersing experience that I very much enjoyed and would recommend to anyone. Co-op is no pushover either has many of the 2 person puzzles are very involved proving difficult without good coordination.

The only thing I really had a problem with were the loading screens. THERE WERE SO MANY!!!! After every level there is a loading screen for the next level and depending on how fast you can solve the puzzles you may be seeing a loading screen every few minutes.

All in all the game took me about 8-9 hours to complete all of which I enjoyed to the fullest.

tl;dr? Get Portal 2 and you wont be disappointed.

I'm also considering switching from Ubuntu to ArchLinux. Haven't fully decided on it yet but I may have a fresh install on my laptop before the end of the week.

Again, Happy Easter, and thanks for reading.


  1. happy easter! and i've heard nothing but good things, about portal 2

  2. Happy easter to you too! and i want to play portal 2 so bad

  3. I really want portal 2


  4. My roommates and i just finished Portal 2 the other night, shit was epic.

  5. I concur about Portal 2. Soooo epic. I just wish PSN would come back up...

  6. happy easter
    and i want portal 2!!!!1

  7. Thanks for the short review, happy easter to you as well!

  8. sounds so cool, I wanna play this game! A freind showed me a video yesterday, seems really to be an awesomme game!


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