Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long weekend

So I told you about a 10 page paper that needed to be written and turned in on Friday.  I also said that updates would be few or non-existent until I was finished.  Well, i'm finished and back.

Wednesday I stopped all blogging in order to do a little research on the topic at hand.  Thursday I woke up  at 9:30 to go to class, came home after, and began writing the actual paper at around 3p.m.  I finished the paper and submitted it online at 7:03a.m. Friday morning.  So if you do a little calculating you'll find that I was sitting in front of the computer for about 16 hours.  Sleep was not near yet however because as soon as submitted the assignment online it was time to get ready and go to class.  I went to class and turned in the paper copy, went and got breakfast and then took about a 20 minute nap before having to take a test online.  Left and came home and got about 2 hours of sleep before heading out again.  We went and saw SuckerPunch (pretty good movie imo) and then hacked apart an old non-working laptop to see if we could repurpose any of its materials.  I finally got to sleep around 3:30a.m. on Saturday.

I woke at 4:30p.m. from a deep slumber and was notified that we would be going to dinner with my girlfriend's parents at a restaurant about an hour away that we had never been to.  So, we got in the car and drove there.  When we got there the wait was an hour and a half or longer and for some reason we decided to sit and wait.   After sitting for 2 hours and talking to others in the "waiting to be seated" area who had been there for much longer we finally decided to leave and go somewhere else.  We drove back towards home and arrived at Texas Roadhouse where we were nearly immediately seated and ordered our food within 10 minutes.  This was a welcome solution to our hunger.  Needless to say, we will not be going to "Perky's" again in attempts to eat dinner.

That's pretty much how my weekend has gone.  Anything interesting happen to any of you lately?


  1. Man, your sleep schedule is even more butchered than mine :x
    My weekend has involved mostly sitting around

  2. Sucks about the restaurant. Having to wait forever for food infuriates me.
    Well, I went snowboarding! And it was awesome...

  3. Two hours waiting? that is insane!!

  4. reading this brings back so many memories of dashed assignments and essays.. weekend for me was an exciting snake-bite filled trip to the vet for a baby snake.. almost beats yours :D

  5. "waiting to be seated"
    is this usual in the us?
    anyway welcome back

  6. I'm cool with waiting if I have a little song in my head.

  7. if they let you smoking in there, I would enjoy the wait, no worries there.

  8. I would have gone somewhere else instead of waiting for 2 hours- that must have sucked!

  9. Glad to see you are back dude
    Glad I still have this blog on my morning coffee. Please check out mine?

  10. I sometimes go into similar habits of barely sleeping and then crashing around 3:30. It sucks bad.


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